We mediate negotiations between football players, agents and football clubs.


We negotiate transfers and contract details with clubs, player agents and football players.


We provide observation services (scouting), prospection and counseling on football players acquisitions.

Who we are and what we do:

Those who already know us, recognize our competence. We work in the shadow of professional football, without the influence of player agents, seeking to meet the real needs of investment and signings of clubs and football directors, which are our major clients and to whom we owe our success and total commitment.

We kicked off our activity in Portugal in 2004, expanding our presence later on with partners in Spain and Brazil. Up to this year of 2016, we have mediated or intervened directly in over 500 football player transfers all over the World, and we are currently based in Gibraltar (overseas British Territory).

Our services cover five main areas:


All of them related to services of advisory, counseling and consulting.

Our expertise on football is huge, and this is not only our sole work area, but also our greatest passion. We have as part of our team and partners, a strong and tight group of people working anonymously, where every single one loves and breathes football. Our goal is not fame and the spotlight, but to excel in the services provided to all those who trust us their future. 
The satisfaction of football directors or the sportive and financial success of the clubs we work with, will be our own success.

No one knows the full extent of our team and partners network, which is made of different people, of all ages, including former national team players of several countries.

What we do:

We only work with the professional football market, mainly on the Portuguese and Brazilian football, and our major clients are the football clubs and football directors all over the World.

- We scout, analyze and advise the signing of several players represented by different agents. We do this without any kind of interference or outside pressures. We work with on the spot observations during the matches, or using the video, and also making use of our cutting edge platform of statistical analysis, using our own technological means*.

- We advise on the real value offer to be made, in order to assure the signing of a contract, which the club will surely be accepting.

- We start negotiations and mediate the transfers between the clubs and agents, looking to sign a player for the desired value and also agree on the payment terms.

Real cases, “the football team needs to”:

- Obtain the names of football players whose signings may be possible and will meet the club needs.

- Obtain information on some specific player, and if this would be a viable acquisition, which would meet the club needs.

- Obtain answers from other clubs, football players and agents regarding the interest in a future transfer, and the conditions requested or demanded by all of the parts involved.

- Obtain detailed information on a player or players, and our evaluation on the possibility of the player being successful at the club.

- Obtain information on players reaching the end of their contracts.

- Inform a player reaching the end of his contract, about the interest of a club in signing him.

- Sign a player for a specific position and specific investment, we will go thought the market and find the best available options at that particular moment.

- Have a professional and reliable scout in matches of a championship or club.

- Know the proposal to be presented for a player. We will advise the value of the proposal that you should start with, and which should be the probable signing value.

- Sign a football player below the initial requested value by the club.

- We discuss contracts, salaries, prizes, commissions, incomes and percentages for clubs, players, agents and others involved.

- Other services of consultancy related to football players transfers and scouting.

For those who will be using our services, the rates charged for the different type of services provided and requested to us, can be calculated through five different ways: contracts, commissions, objectives, labor hours and number of kilometers covered.

* It was in the year of 2012 that we kicked off the project of our own technologic platform in partnership with the prestigious Engineering University of Porto (Oporto - Portugal), which was finally operational in the year of 2015. This is surely one of a kind in the World, and with it we are able to check and compare thousands of player data and statistics from today and the past and also evaluate the potential success of the player in certain clubs or international leagues with this unique method in the world.

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